Coronvirus information and updates

We hope to be operating normally again in July – as previously mentioned – hospitality businesses will be allowed to open no sooner than 4th July in line with the governments advice. As we operate on the Llangollen canal, we have the added complication of our most favourite stretch of waterway being in Wales – whose lockdown rules differ to those in England. We are hoping that this will not pose an issue by July, but will monitor and update this page as relevant information is published.

In order to protect customers and ourselves from Covid 19, we will be altering our handover times slightly to allow us a greater time to thoroughly cleanse the boat after each hire, before welcoming you aboard.

Consequently, where we would ordinarily ask for the boat to returned on the morning of your last day at 0900, we will instead be requesting that the boat is returned the evening of your last full day aboard – between 1700-1800.

We are aware that the governments guidelines only require a deep clean and disinfection of the boat if a person onboard has shown symptoms of coronavirus, but as many people are asymptomatic and in view of the fact that the advice we are reading daily is so widely differing, we will endeavour to make sure that the boats are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected at each turnaround until we are advised otherwise.

During the boat handover itself, normally at 1400 on your day of departure, we will adopt a procedure which allows social distancing for the protection of everyone.

We will be in touch with all our customers as things progress with further information. But if you have any doubts or queries about your holiday afloat, please get in touch and we shall do everything we can to help.